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Memory Quilt Service


Wrap yourself in the comforting warmth of memories!

From quilts made of high school t-shirts, to baby clothes and articles of clothing belonging to loved ones who have passed on, we create lasting memories from discarded clothing items.  If you can dream it, we can make it. Our pricing is very affordable and is based on the quilt size you want us to make.

Make special memories last a lifetime…

Whether you want to remember the excitement of your college experience, or your passion for all things sports related, Little Red Quilt House will turn your old t-shirts, Star Wars sweatshirts, or favorite jeans into a quilted monument that will stand the test of time. Big or small, if your fondest memories are reflected in items made of fabric...they can be incorporated into a memory quilt. Sizes include baby through king.

Please contact the shop at 234-248-4492 to discuss the details of your creative vision.